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Peace, Love, and Light,


 My name is  Geornee'! I'm from Charlotte, NC. I started my website in November 2014. I created my website as a creative outlet to share Plus Size fashion ideas with my readers. In 2016 I shifted my focus on fashion, music, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and much more. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University in May 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandise & Retail Marketing, and minor in Sommelier. 


 My new focus is on self-healing, empowerment, self-love, and mental health. Mentally and emotional. In August 20th, 2020, I started a non-profit organization "Curvaceous Behavior" to help empower, educate, teens and adults on the importance of mental health when it comes to crystals. The organization works with people living in low-income areas on improving life with the power of mediation, energy healing, and taking control of life. I wasn't in a good place of peace with myself.  In April 2021 until August 2021, I was in a dark space mentally, I wasn't happy with the challenges and traumas I was going through. I was close to not wanting to be alive anymore because of the tragic emotional traumas I was going through, I felt alone.  Didn't have the support from others to get through the tough pain.


What change me to becoming who I am was going to an 8-hour mediation retreat in Houston, Tx. The retreat help shift my mindset on my purpose, my role, and my conscious for deserving to live a life with peace and no stress. I let go feeling like I have to sacrifice my peace to help others who wasn't helping me, that was danger to my health because they were taking away my power.  The biggest lesson is to learn "If something is out of your control, let it go" you will cause more stress to yourself if you continue to hold on. Focus on yourself, don't worry about other people. Spiritually I am built to fulfill my life purpose. Learning to love me was the first step for a healthy lifestyle.


 In December 2021 I receive my certification to become a Reiki Master.  I hope my journey inspired you to live your life by your rules. Create your path of abundance, you have the power,  the vision, and the strength to go towards yourself peace.  In February 2022 I became a  certified Reiki Master to further my skill on my spiritual journey. I am a light worker, I have the gift to read energy, heal energy, balance and uplift other people on their journey.  My journey is only beginning,

Love and Light

Goddess Geornee'

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