Don't Kill The Curves- Body Positive Movement

Hey loves, So as you can tell I'm wearing a two piece bikini and before you say anything negative about me wearing this let me tell you why I am wearing this. I'm a starting a body positive movement for all types of women that come in different sizes and that love their body. In this society many people think being skinny is beautiful and being fat is not, I do not agree with them because I am size 22, and I know I'm beautiful regardless what society thinks we are all beautiful. I want to see all of you beautiful plus size women wearing a bikini and using the hashtag #dontkillthecurves. At first I was a bit shy wearing this bikini and posting this pictures because there are always negative people that don't like what you do, but I wanted to show people that I know I don't have the perfect body, but I do love all my curves and I wouldn't change anything about myself. I hope to inspire a lot of young girls and other women about this and thank you for taking the time to read this. #dontkillthecurves