Cloudy Visions- Artist

Name: Cloudy Visions

City: New Jersey Instagram:@cloudyvisionsart

Business email:

How does a fashion blogger like myself feature a dope ass artist from New Jersey? Check out my interview questions with this dope artist below and follow his Instagram to see his amazing art!

7 Interview Questions

1. Geornee: Why the name Cloudy Visions? and what makes you different from any other artist out there?

Cloudy Visions: My wife came up with the name after having some convo's on how I want people to see and feel my art. Cloudy because clouds can be interpreted in many ways as far as how they look. You can ask 10 people what does that cloud look like and get 10 different answers. Visions because I paint in loud colors and I try to put messages in each painting to visually grab the lookers attention. I'm not into painting like a dog eating a bone, I want you to see and have questions about my stuff.

2. Geornee: What or Who motivate you to become the man you are today, and how does art play a role in that?

Cloudy Visions: -God for giving me the talents to do this

-I was raised by a single mother,She made me the man I am today.

- I've gone through a lot which has allowed me to mature and gain knowledge through life experiences and put those on canvas .

-being a husband and a father I do this for them.

-My art goes hand in hand with music. I am always diggin for new sounds and artist. I am an artist who cannot paint in silence.