Khemistree Naturals Hair Products

Name: Kween Kandace


Instagram: @mykhemistree

Meet WomanPreneur Kween Kandace she is a North Carolina native that has her own natural hair products. This past weekend I had attend an event in the NoDA area in Charlotte, NC. Kandace was out being a girl boss promoting and selling her products. I had a great time talking to her and she is such a humble and awesome person! I wish her many success with her business and check out my interview questions with Kween Kandace below!

Interview Questions:

1. Geornee': You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I had read your hair bio on your website Such inspirational story. What made you wanted to create your own natural hair products?

Kween kandace: First of all, thank you Geornee. Getting this feedback inspires me to continue to help other along their natural hair journey or during their transition. What made me want to create my own hair products was my experience with hair loss. My hair story is on my blog at I was already getting into natural health and medicine before my hair loss started, so after it actually happened I knew I would use natural oils on my scalp to help nourish it and regrow my hair. When all my hair finally grew back, I decided I wasn't going to be a product junky because of all the unnatural and unhealthy ingredients I would read on the labels. With the understanding that we absorb everything into our bodies that we put onto our skin/scalp, I wanted to create products for my hair that would healthy for me on the inside and out.