Meet Kaleya Williams Miss Black Teen North Carolina US Ambassador 2016

Three words to describe Ms. Kaleya Williams Intelleignt, Ambitious, and a Girlboss. Kaleya is someone that I admire for being a leader in the community and a role model to many young girls. I love her strength to help others less fortunate that don't come from much. Check out my interview with Ms. Williams below!



Interview Questions:

1.Geornee': I love how involved you are in the community by volunteering at many events that focus on helping others. Tell me who inspire you to be a great leader in the community?

Kaleya Williams: All my life I had enjoyed helping others. However I became more dedicated when my best friend had a brain aneurysm. A brain aneurysm is when blood vessels in the brain balloon and fill with blood, however my friend had a ruptured aneurysm where the ballooned vessels exploded and drowned her brain. When you think of aneurysms you only think that they happen to older people, but that's not that case they can happen to anyone of any age just not as common. When my best friend had her brain aneurysm I was there the whole time, every day showing my support, while being at the hospital with her I noticed that there we're lots of other teenagers who had also suffered from aneurysms. So I decided this needs to be advocated, it doesn't get the attention it needs and people don't know how to protect themselves from it. So I would definitely say that my best friend inspired me to be what I am today, even after she died from a stroke caused by her aneurysm I still kept on pushing and advocating for brain aneurysm awareness.

2. Geornee': Who are your role models that you look up to? And what advices would you give to young girls that look up to you as their role model?

Kaleya Williams: My two main role models are my mom and my older sister. My mom is my role model because she us helpful, courageous and confidant, everything a woman is supposed to be. I see my older sister as a role model because she is all about being comfortable in the skin you wear and just being herself and I love that about her. Advice I would give the girls that look up to me would be to just be yourself, be confident and don't try to change yourself for others always be truly you.