Meet 10 year old Chef Justin: Owner of Juss Baked.

Meet aspiring Chef Justin. He is ambitious, talented, and has a great skill for creating delicious foods. Chef Justin is an awesome kid to look up to because he is a kid boss. That has his own business and is a student. I would love to thank Chef Justin momanger for making this all possible. She has been consistent non stop throughout the process.

Make sure you check out Chef Justin Instagram @Jussbaked and for more information about Chef Justin email

Interview Questions:

1.Geornee': Who is Chef Justin? And what made you started your own business Juss Baked?

Chef Justin: Chef Justin is a 10 year old student and a kid chef who likes to cook. The reason I started Juss Baked is because I was baking cupcakes and my mom was posting pictures on her Facebook page and someone asked how much for a dozen cupcakes. The business was started that night.

2.Geornee': How does it feel to have your mom as your momanger? And what good advice has she given you while being a young Chef?

Chef Justin: It's fine. I wanted to go on MasterChef Jr. and they were having auditions in NY and my mom told me don't try out yet, give it another year or two so that I can get experience with other foods that I'm not use to cooking.

3.Geornee': Who inspire you to become a young Chef? And what was your first dish you made?

Chef Justin: Ever since I was a little boy I always wanted to become a chef. The first dish I ever made was spaghetti and meat sauce.

4.Geornee': If you could create a dish to your celebrity crush, who would it be and what dish would you create?

Chef Justin: I don't have a celebrity crush but if I could create a dish for a celebrity it would be Duff Goldman. I would make him a Philly cheese steak.

5.Geornee': What's your favorite Pizza toppings? And what are three things you can't live without?

Chef Justin: My favorite pizza topping are pepperoni, extra cheese and buffalo chicken.

Three things I can't live without is my computer so that I can print up my recipes, a kitchen and seafood(I love seafood especially crab legs)

6.Geornee': What's your favorite sport? And what's your favorite show to watch?

Chef Justin:I don't like sports but if I had to pick it would be tennis. My favorite shows to watch are Cake Boss, Spring baking championship, Cutthroat Kitchen and Masterchef Jr. I couldn't just pick one.

7. Geornee': Who is your favorite Chef? And what advice would you give to a kid entrepreneur that's wanting to start their own business?

Chef Justin:I don't have just one favorite. There are too many to count. I like the chefs on TV and I watch a lot of different cooking shows. The advice I would give to a kid entrepreneur wanting to start their own business is don't spend all your money. You should save some and put some into the business.


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