InfamousKiddo- Artist, Rapper, Writer, and Entrepreneur.

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This month blog feature is an upcoming artist in the Charlotte, NC area. Infamouskiddo is a young, ware talented individual that has a purpose in life. I had met Infamouskiddo about a year ago at his art show in Noda. We have been friends since then. When I first met him I thought he was another guy out here that didn't have ambitions to be successful in life. After talking to him I had learned that he's an intelligent man that has a lot of wisdom and power to share with the world. Three things that I love about this man is that for one he's a man about his business he wants to go far in the world by letting people see his space child movement, second Infamouskiddo is a man that has love for the community. Infamouskiddo would tell me stories of him helping out someone that didn't come from much either. Regardless of his situation, Kiddo would give a stranger his last $5 in his pocket, or a pair of his shoes to anyone in need. I love how humble and real this man is. And third I love Kiddo for being true to himself as a man. Infamouskiddo is a weird guy at first because he is not like any other guy. His weirdness is why he is dope today and out here changing people life. Today is a special day because it's Infamouskiddo 24th Birthday along today is my 22nd Birthday. I hope Infamouskiddo have a great day and I am glad to call him my best friend, and my True love.

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Interview Question:

1.Geornee': Who is Infamouskiddo? And why do you call yourself the Art Samurai?

Infamouskiddo: . Infamous Kiddo is the yin and the yang the perfect balance! basicly eye live two lifes one as a samurai/man thats my serious time to handle business side, then kiddo! My kid side who is all about living in the moment being a kid not taking anything serious at all enjoying the small things.So as you can see they are totally two diffrent people. Eye call myself the Art samurai because eye have a strong sense that my past life eye was a samurai but now instead of violenece eye use my painting skills and my words to serve as my blade endlessly cutting thru the negitive to get my viewers to see the bigger picture, my vision.

2. Geornee': Your Art Style is not like any other Artists. What makes you an original artist that have a different eye for art? And what do you feel is your purpose in life?

Infamouskiddo: What makes me an orginal artist is is simply my methods of being a samurai im one of a kind im me and thats my superpower so eye use it to the best of my advantage. My purpose is simple to spread love and unite the people as one and what other way better to do than art?

3. Geornee': Five years from now where do you see yourself from now from your brand? And do you have any other calling on life to do more in life other than being a painter?

Infamouskiddo: 5 years from now my artwork will be every where from billboards, cothing, prints, stickers, canvases you name it! Eye also have a calling for music as well and being artist its goes hand and had so eye will give the world what they never seen before and that is an ARTIST! one who is sucussful at everything he put his mind time and energy into!