Ask The Chef

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I have a special treat for all my readers for the Holidays. Ask The Chef is an upcoming Chef in the Charlotte, NC area that makes delicious food. I had met with Janai Smith earlier this month near Uptown Charlotte. We had a great conversation about goals for 2017, dating advice, and girl chat about life. Read below for the full interview and support Ask The Chef!


Interview Questions:

Geornee':1. Who is Janai Smith, who inspires you to be a Chef and why did you choose to attend Johnson & Wales University?

Ask The Chef: I'm a native of Charlotte NC who finds the most joy in giving and pleasing taste buds of people. My inspiration comes from my Grandmother's and my mother who were know for their cooking and would sale cakes and pies. I said to myself I have to be diverse in the cuisines of the world knowing that this would separate me to the ordinary cook.

Geornee': 2. What made you wanted to major in Culinary and Baking Pastry? Why did you choose to name your business "Ask The Chef"?

Ask The Chef: I just didn't want to be known as an ordinary cook but to be known as a chef.

I chose the name "Ask The Chef" because any service that you need that the chef can do all you have to do is ask and I'm right there.

Geornee':3. Your Facebook fan page "Ask The Chef" has close to 4,000 likes, What makes your customers continue on supporting your business? Tell me about your $15 plates you offer on Sundays?

Ask The Chef: I think when people see that I'm consistent with my work it makes a statement by itself so they continue to support they continue to like they continue to share everything that I posted to my supporters and thank them and as long as they keep doing what they're doing for me Ask The Chef will remain.

As far as my plates my customers have always suggested that I do plates so I branched out and started doing them and it has been a huge success since the start. I figured that for $15 per plate you can't beat that you get meat two sides some type of bread and also a dessert and it's homemade.

Geornee': 4. What food/ deserts can we expect from "Ask The Chef" for the holiday times? What's are your top five dishes you like to make for you and your family?

Holiday treats to expect : I'm pushing platters and red velvet pound cake , cupcakes , and layer cake.

Ask The Chef: I don't have a top 5 but I will tell you I am a seafood lover and I would have to say shrimp and and fresh crab.

Geornee': 5. The year will be over soon what else do you want to accomplish before the year ends? What exciting adventures can we expect from your business?

Ask The Chef: I'm just going to keep progressing staying positive and knowing that success does not happen overnight I expect to keep a good relationship with my current customers so that they will return. For 2017 I will be launching a new flavor a month.

Geornee':6. What's your ideal man you look for in a relationship? And what dating advice can you give to my readers who are wanting to be in a relationship?

Ask The Chef: I would have to say qualities that I find attractive in a man is his drive to make things happen. Must be a motivator and not afraid to love and be loved. My dating advice would be to live, love, and be happy and take things one day at a time.

Geornee':7. What makes you a female hustler that grinds non stop? What valuable lesson you have to learned about life that you make sure to not repeated again?

Ask The Chef: I always remind myself that nobody has to give you anything in life .... so I get up and get it myself.

The life lesson that I carry with me daily is know in life no one will ever treat you the way you treat them so I don't get in my feelings anymore when people are not as good to me as I am to them. I am who I am.


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