Sweetz By Dior

Sweetz By Dior is a new local desert bar in Charlotte, NC that makes delicious homemade sweetz with a twist! I had met the CEO/ Owner of Sweetz By Dior a few weeks back and she was Fabulous! I admire and love Dior for being true to herself, being a black business owner, and being a working women Boss with ambitious for her brand.

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7 Interview Questions

1. Geornee': Describe yourself in 3 words, and how does that relate to your business "Sweetz by Dior"?

Dior: If i could describe myself in three words i would say I am resilient, caring, and spiritual. My resilence is what drives me everyday to produce a quality product to every customer. If anyone really knows me they know I really care about mankind. I truly believe i was sent here to help people in which ever way the spirit moves me. My spirituality gives me the ability to have confidence in what i do and the products i produce. I have faith that with a higher power i can accomplish anything.

2. Geornee': How does it feel to be a Johnson C. Smith University Alumni, and how does your college degree fit into your business?

Dior: : I have a sense of pride with being an alumnae of JCSU. The history behind HBCUs is one that many don't put into consideration when choosing a college or university. I come from a family of HBCU graduates and i was the first in generation to obtain my degree. I studied Communication Arts, so my degree helps in a number of ways. I am able to communicate with the public regarding my business as well as market it. The reason i started my business was because my field is extremely competitive and I needed to create an avenue for myself. I'm able to utilize the things i learned while startig my business.