Sweetz By Dior

Sweetz By Dior is a new local desert bar in Charlotte, NC that makes delicious homemade sweetz with a twist! I had met the CEO/ Owner of Sweetz By Dior a few weeks back and she was Fabulous! I admire and love Dior for being true to herself, being a black business owner, and being a working women Boss with ambitious for her brand.

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7 Interview Questions

1. Geornee': Describe yourself in 3 words, and how does that relate to your business "Sweetz by Dior"?

Dior: If i could describe myself in three words i would say I am resilient, caring, and spiritual. My resilence is what drives me everyday to produce a quality product to every customer. If anyone really knows me they know I really care about mankind. I truly believe i was sent here to help people in which ever way the spirit moves me. My spirituality gives me the ability to have confidence in what i do and the products i produce. I have faith that with a higher power i can accomplish anything.

2. Geornee': How does it feel to be a Johnson C. Smith University Alumni, and how does your college degree fit into your business?

Dior: : I have a sense of pride with being an alumnae of JCSU. The history behind HBCUs is one that many don't put into consideration when choosing a college or university. I come from a family of HBCU graduates and i was the first in generation to obtain my degree. I studied Communication Arts, so my degree helps in a number of ways. I am able to communicate with the public regarding my business as well as market it. The reason i started my business was because my field is extremely competitive and I needed to create an avenue for myself. I'm able to utilize the things i learned while startig my business.

3. Geornee": During our meet up interview you mention your boyfriend is your right hand for "Sweetz by Dior". Tell me what's like being a couple that build together, and what makes you a powerful couple?

Dior: The most important aspect of our relationship is the fact that we were friends first. I knew Dewayne for a number if years before we started dating, so when we started dating it was an easy transition. Dewayne trusts my vision and gives me constructive criticism along the way. We are powerful because we are spiritual. When I don't feel as confident, he is the support that keeps me afloat, thats referring to my professional and personal life.

4. Geornee": What are your best seller deserts that you would love for customers to try? And do you have any new sweets for the holiday time?

Dior: One of my best sellers is my sweet potatoe bites. I think people love that they are more convenient than eating a slice of pie. I did add pumpkin spice cupcakes and cookies to the menu for Thanksgiving. I'm also thinking about doing a hot cocoa flavored cupcake for the holidays.

5. Geornee': What are your strengths for your business, and why should customers support your bakery?

Dior: My strength is that everything is homemade. I give the option of my customer being able to purchase my items with vegan products as well as nationwide shipping. People should support me because ere is no gimmicks. I'm honest and my products taste really good! Im actually in the works of writing a dessert cookbook that will offer the vegan alternatives as well .

6. Geornee': What should we expect for "Sweetz by Dior", in 2017, And what's goal you want to achieve overall?

Dior: Sweetz by Dior is looking to add a savory side in 2017. I already added an item called "not your grandma's bundt cake" which is a cornbread bundt cake stuffed with macaroni cheese, filled with fried chicken bites and topped with gravy. I think that once it starts to be exposed it'll be a fan favorite.

7. Geornee': I admire you for being a strong black Queen, that's educated and a woman about her business. What makes you fearless? And how can we stay up to date with "Sweetz by Dior"?

Dior: My faith makes me fearless. If something is for me there is NO ONE on earth who can take it from me. To stay up to date with Sweetz By Dior you can follow us on our IG page, our website will be following soon. Thank you for taking the time to sit and speak with me! I really appreciate you reaching out and i look forward to working with you again in the future.


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