Happy International Women's Day

Today is a beautiful day to acknowledge women's from all different race. We are strong, amazing, intelligent, and confident women's! Meet the FAB Five girl bosses below that are leaders in the community.

Girl boss: Felicia w.

StartFragment1. Geornee':Who inspire you to be a girl boss?

Felicia: My best friend Stephanie Elliott who started her own business years ago . Who is now very successful contracting with the government

/react-text react-text: 3956 2. Geornee': What female leader do you look up to for motivation? /react-text

Felicia: Michelle Obama, not just because she was First Lady but because in that position she help many girls and held the position with such class and dignity. We all know how so many things can go wrong in the position but she was-part of the world she was help make to over see. react-text: 3962 3. Geornee': What makes you confident?

/react-text Felicia: Brokenness... Brokenness made me confident. When I had to bury my child and still be strong for my kids, my family, for everyone who were watching and saying I don't know how you haven't went crazy. They said that because before my son whom was ran over lost his life I still had a child who was born with a rare bleeding disorder so it wasn't much time to cry.. only at night when my mind had time to think. react-text: 3968 4. Geornee': What advice can you give to future girl bosses? /react-text EndFragment

Felicia: Never give up.. never let anyone or anything silence you!!


1. Geornee':Who inspire you to be a girl boss?

Leathia: Wow! This is such an amazing question. I am inspired by my partner in life and business, my Fiancé Garland. We keep pushing each other to do more, try harder and never quit. My family is also a major inspiration for me; they always show me so much love and support. Finally my clients, mainly because they are constantly challenging me in various positive ways, allowing me an opportunity to rise to the occasion and save the day! I love coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to keep things fun, upbeat and uplifting. The thought of putting a smile on someone’s face is so inspiring to me.

2. Geornee': What female leader do you look up to for motivation?

Leathia: What female leader do you look up to for motivation? I am one of those people who see the beauty in so many people. There are so many women that I am motivated and inspired by. But I will have to say my Mother. Though she is no longer with us in a physical sense, she is still very much a source of positive reinforcement for me. I can always reflect on things she has taught me in order to find strength and motivation. I cherish all great mothers out there. You amaze me!

3. Geornee': What makes you confident?

Leathia: Being confident is a requirement in order to make it in anything that you chose to reach for. I am confident because I know what God has planned for my life. A lot of people say step out on faith, but do they really mean it? If you are the daughter of the Most High, how could you look down on yourself? I am also confident because I am not afraid to encourage or inspire another woman. We all need to have positive connections in womanhood. There is nothing better than having a great sister or friend in your corner when things get tough. Plus we need someone to go shopping with, etc.

4. Geornee': What advice can you give to future girl bosses? /react-text EndFragment

Leathia: Dear Future Girl Boss, Please know that you are so much more than enough, when a dream starts tugging at your heart, nurture it with everything that you have. Water it, feed it and watch it blossom in front of your eyes. Understand that not everyone will see what you see. Many people will come along, some will help others will not, but don’t you ever stop. Keep your faith and never neglect your own needs. I once heard a great woman say “If saying Yes to someone else, means saying No to You, then it’s not worth it.”


1. Geornee':Who inspire you to be a girl boss?

Mia: My inspiration for being a girl boss that runs Sickle Cell Awareness 365 is seeing my friends and others that deal with Sickle Cell disease and wanting to make our life less painful and more freeing.

2. Geornee': What female leader do you look up to for motivation?

Mia: It's hard to pinpoint ONE female leader because they all contribute (or have contributed) so much and each woman has a very unique contribution. I've learned something different from Oprah, Michelle Obama, Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Davis.

3. Geornee': What makes you confident?

Mia: What makes me confident is knowing that I'm still breathing even with all the things I've gone thru. Knowing that I have something bigger and more powerful than man on my side, gives me power and the confidence to do anything that I put my mind to.

4. Geornee': What advice can you give to future girl bosses?

Mia: You were given a specific vision. Other people may not agree or may not support it but that's ok. The vision isn't for them; it's for you. Don't let anyone or anything deter you. Follow the vision and persevere no matter the circumstances. You will be blessed more than you can.


1. Geornee':Who inspire you to be a girl boss?

Candi: My kids inspire me to be a girl boss. I have two beautiful little girls ages 4 and 9 months. And I want them to know that mommy is her own boss. She made things happen so that we can be our own boss as well. They are a big part of my inspiration.

2. Geornee': What female leader do you look up to for motivation?

Candi: I have had a couple of mentors in the hair industry. But I would like to say I admire Maya Sly. She has a salon, she sells hair and she is a real estate agent. I aspire to be something like that in my own way. I want to be just as successful.

3. Geornee': What makes you confident?

Candi: What makes me confident is that I am always trying new ways to make my business better. I believe in myself. I always have a pep talk with my self, to let myself know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Giving up is not an option. And if something fails try again until it succeeds.

4. Geornee': What advice can you give to future girl bosses?

Candi: My advice to future girl bosses is to always remain humble and strong. Success doesn't happen over night. You have to put in work to expect a great outcome. And always always believe in your self. You are your biggest supporter


1. Geornee':Who inspire you to be a girl boss?

Sasha: If it weren't for my boyfriend/Best friend I most likely wouldn't have thought to become an entrepreneur until I am in my 30's. At the time I was just his event planner and he asked me what are my goals in life. My response to that was, "To be free, live my life the way I want to live it and become the best event planner the world has ever seen." Then he asked "what are my steps in becoming the best event planner." I paused, then replied, "In 5 years I wish to gain as much experience as I can by planning events for artists then move to a corporation. After working 10 years with a company I want to then start my own business in event planning and run my own events." He then went on talking about how I should bypass working for anyone and start my business now. I can learn as I go along and that just makes the ride of life a lot more fun. Then by the time I am 35, would've built my empire and can then retire and live my life doing what I want. By the end of the conversation, I had my companies name (Fierce Events) and started my social media page. I then realized how much of an inspiration he was.

2. Geornee': What female leader do you look up to for motivation?

Sasha: A female leader that I look up to would be Mrs. Peggy Toone-Dillard. Mrs. Toone opened the doors for Tiara Banks and other African-American models in the industry to get as far as they could. She is humble and as sweet as she can be and I feel honored to have met her. Mrs. Peggy Toone gives the best advice for young entrepreneurs. She told me "No matter what believe in your craft, focus on your craft and watch how everything else falls into place."

3. Geornee': What makes you confident?

Sasha: The strong independent entrepreneurs around me is what helped build my confidence. They say the people you surround yourself with tells a lot about you. Everyday I run into passionate individuals all in the same generation just living life and enjoying their craft. Also my support group rotting me on. That always helps because it makes the individual feel like they are on the right path.

4. Geornee': What advice can you give to future girl bosses?

Sasha: If I could inspire a girl boss I would tell them to make sure you love what you are doing. If you don't, then change the scene and do what makes you happy. We only get one life to live and we have the power over our own lives. It's up to us to take back our power and become an inspiration for the rest of the world.


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