Jeremy L. Holloway Interview

Jeremy L. Holloway is an entertainer from Memphis, TN. His dreams is to become an Actor and entrepreneur. Jeremy has over 194,322 likes on his Facebook fan page, and over 5 millions views from his videos. Check out Jeremy interview and contact information below.

Interview questions:

Geornee':1. What traits separates you from other actors/entertainer on the come up?

Jeremy: The traits that I have different from other actors/entertainers is my individuality and I have a different twist to my videos than they do.

Geornee': 2. Growing up what was your childhood like and who or what motivated you to become an entertainer?

Jeremy: Jamie Foxx is my role model and motivated me to become an entertainer.

Geornee': 3. What is your ideal woman and what are your duties in a relationship?

Jeremy: My ideal lady is ambitious, strong but soft, and supportive. To be her better half, be what she's not, make her better, and give her all of me.

Geornee': 4. What is the most romantic thing a woman has done to you and how are you romantic?

Jeremy: The romantic thing a woman has done for me is being supportive. Oh I can't tell you how I'm romantic but I love being romantic!

Geornee': 5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years and what other careers do you want to pursue in life?

Jeremy: Hopefully a well known name in the entertainment industry. Acting is the only love I have but I might like to start writing later on.

Geornee': 6. What celebrities would you love to work with in the future and have you been a starving artist before?

Jeremy: Jamie Foxx & Viola Davis! Acting Royalty! Also I am a starving artist.

Geornee': 7. What can we expect from you in 2017 and what advice can you give to a Dream chaser?

Jeremy: I expect me to bring a different style to social media. To my dream chaser, invest into yourself!

For more information about Jeremy L. Holloway visit his website or email


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