Model Behavior For June: Mia

Meet Model of the month June Mia. Mia is an aspiring model in the Charlotte, NC area and a beauty gru. She is a young woman that has goals in life and want to change the world. Check out Mia photos and more information about her below.

More About Mia:

Name: Mia McCullough-Adams

Age: 20

Current city:Charlotte

Hometown: Philadelphia

Career goals: Advertisement/ Business Owner

I see myself working in advertising of business marketing at a major company flourishing in Charlotte

I would tell them to find happiness in the littlest things. The smell of their favorite flowers just anything. Don't look for happiness in other people because you'll never be truly satisfied. I found happiness in YouTube. It taught me to focus on something positive. And it changed my outlook on everything.

Mia Social platform:

Twitter: @mielcharm

Instagram: @mielcharm

Youtube: Slay Beauty


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