Model Behavior For July: Jazzmia Martin

She is confident, fashion forward, and a Queen. Meet Jazzmia who is this month model behavior that is going places in life. Three things I loved about Jazzmia is her bubbly personality, her ambitious for her career goals in life, and her love to inspire young girls to love themselves.

I'm glad to have her in my life and wish much success for her dreams to come true. Check out Jazzmia interview below and make sure you follow her on Instagram!

Jazzmia Interview Questions:

Name: Jazzmia Katara

Age: 20

City: Charlotte, NC

Instagram: JazzmiaKatara

Dream job: Model, Youtuber, and Actress

Favorite Song: Confidently Lost By: Sabrina Claudio

Favorite Models: Jourdan Dunn, Ashley Moore, and Gigi Hadid

Queen G: 1. What is your purpose in life? Do you have a plan on getting there?

Jazzmia: I believe my purpose in life is to inspire others to create and be confident. Everyone has a talent to unlock and I feel that by being myself and embracing my artistic ability I give others permission to do the same. I am currently working hard on launching my blog and YouTube channel this Fall. I think the internet is a wonderful tool to teach and inspire others.

Queen G: 2. What are your goals in life? What is favorite quote for motivation?

Jazzmia: My goals in life are to start my own business. I would love to have my own production company, record company, and magazine. I want to create a platforms that help people grow and explore.

Queen G: 3. What is your go to outfit for a cool summer night? What advice can you give to anyone having a bad day?

Jazzmia: My go to sporty outfit would be a comfy laid back logo t-shirt, Jean leggings, a jean jacket for those late night chills, and cool sneakers. Not many people know but I'm a lowkey sneaker head. Add a statement watch or bracelets with a cross body bag or wristlet clutch and I'm set for a chill summer night.

Now if I'm going out to dinner or I'm feeling a bit girly I go for a swing dress typically in a bright color with sandals and pretty diamond like jewelry for an extra touch of bling. I say never be afraid to mix girly and sporty styles together. I love wearing converse sneakers with dresses or my Alex and Ani bracelets with my leggings and rosy makeup.

If someone is having a bad day my best advice is to stay focused on your goals and envision yourself where you want to be. Surround yourself with positive and things that make you happy and full inside.


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