5 Ways to reduce stress

Whether you work a full time job or a full time college student, our life can get busy with unnecessary stress added in our daily life. A lot of us forget to enjoy life by having time for ourselves. I work a full time job 5 days a week, and attend college two days out of the week. After a long day from work/ school I love to wine down.

5 Ways to reduce stress

1. Mediate- To direct the mind to one point of focus, so that it acquires the strength to transcend the restraints of the cycle of birth.

2. Listen to music- I can spend hours listening to my favorite artists from the 90s. Take an hour of two to just chill by having a glass of wine and let your Pandora or YouTube playlist do the job.

Color me badd- Sex you up

Tamia- Stranger in my house

Simon & Milo- Get a clue


Grind after work- No matter how tire you are, push yourself to do something productive with your life. There is more to life then just going out to the clubs. Have a plan/ set goals to make more money that can support your brand.

4. Baking soda bath- Baking soda baths are my favorite. I love to sit in the bath tub for 30-35 minutes with candles and just relax. My body feels so good afterwards.

5. Love life- Whether you are single or have not found your twin flame/ soul mate. Be patience because your Queen or King is not ready to love you. Both individuals must be in a good place in life to love one another. I love my twin flame so much it feels like he's my soul mate as well. A man has to be in a good stable mindset to be your king. A woman has to know her worth and carry herself like a Queen or goddess.

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