The Fashion Mobster

Hey Queens and Kings.

Queen G is back with a new blog post. Today's blog post features Fashion expert, model, and creative director "The Fashion Mobster". "The Fashion Mobster is a style icon and model in the Virginia area.

I met " The Fashion Mobster" two years ago at "Infamouskiddo" art show in Noda. The first thing that I notice from Mobster was his style. Out of everyone in the room his style stood out. Since then we have been great friends. I want to wish Fashion mobster much success in his career and many more blessings. I believe in him and I want him to follow his purpose in life.

Check out "The Fashion Mobster" full interview below. Be sure to follow him and support his brand.

The Fashion Mobster Interview

1. Queen G: Who is fashionmobster?; why did you choose the name for your brand?

The Fashion Mobster: I honestly was really thinking about how I could brand myself in a trendy way. Of course, I could have used my real name but I wanted something fashion based. So, I just started brainstorming fashion names and fashion assassin and fashion connoisseur were too common. I was listening to Drake – Headlines in the song he raps a line "that tuck my napkin in my shirt cause I’m just mobbin like that. Instantly I got happy I started googling mobsters and all these men in suits and dapper apparel popped up. So I took it and ran LOL THEFASHIONMOBSTER is the brand and fashionmobbin is what I do. 2. Queen G: How long have you been modeling?; Who inspired you to start a career as a runway coach?

The Fashion Mobster: I have been modeling on and off since I was 17. I honestly have had my moments when I haven’t had enough faith and belief in myself! And To be honest no one inspired me to do runway or model at all. What inspired me was my love for fashion and the love I always received. I would show up to casting and always get told I wasn’t fit or tall enough. So I started to work hard and believe in my own powers, from then everything started happening. I started to tap into other talents as well.

3. Queen G: What are your life purpose goals for the fashion industry? The Fashion Mobster: My life purpose Goal for the industry is to see more open African American LGBTQ Persons in the four front of the fashion industry. It just really frustrates me to see how the million dollar brands can come and be inspired by our looks, the way we dress and our culture and steal it and make money off our community with their re-branding methods!! but we can’t be in the front? Why? What we have to do is continue to work hard be unique and creative and invest in ourselves. You are a walking brand. Don’t let random people tell you otherwise. And one thing I have learned is people’s perceptions of you is not your business. You can’t stop because someone needs to hear your story. 4. Queen G: Describe your fashion style in 3 words and who is your fashion icon? The Fashion Mobster: It’s so hard I can’t but I would say my favorite style icon is ms legendary Grace Jones. I love her story how basically everyone shitted on her and wouldn't let her be great. she didn’t stop. She traveled overseas and made a name for herself, even did some music. Exactly what I'm going to do. I 'm going to do it all in the world Fashion, Modeling, Singing, and Acting. My favorite designer would defiantly be the late Alexander McQueen. He has the most outrageous designs and concepts. It saddens me that he took his own life. My life goal is to walk in one of his shows. 5. Queen G: What advice can you offer for inspiring models?

The Fashion Mobster: If you are an upcoming model your most important thing is to Network. Networking can get you the connects you need for Agencies, Shows and the best photographers in your Area. And please remember that if someone is interested in you they will invest in you. One of the ways I got really good is I would watch runways shows from overseas and in NY. Because shows have themes and a Great model can switch it up. Don’t be scared to travel and take risks and try to stay away from shows with low budgets and entry fees for models. I’m telling you, you learn through trial and error but if you can dodge the Bullet god bless lol… Try not to be in every show. Every show is not good for you. Remember you want to build an image and you literally have to be your own PR rep and make great decisions, you are a walking Brand. Some shows get thrown together at the last minute and you don’t want to waste your time. Another thing don't be scared to ask how much will the models be getting compensated. Be Bold, Upright, And Straightforward. I always asked a professional model What is the Compensation budget for the models? Now if they don’t have on that completely up to you to decide if you want to be a part of that event. A model being paid is very important. You may need gas; you may need to print out shots for model calls. If you love modeling be smart and get your money in the process. Everything is business

6. Queen G: What would you like to share with my reader's anything valuable about life?

The Fashion Mobster: It’s a huge difference between being stuck up/cocky than just knowing your worth and carrying god’s grace over your life (an original Quote by me). Just please be sure to stay True to yourself. And I don’t know what you believe in. but prayer works and changes things in your life. Prayer will give you power. I’m true to tell you I don’t look like what I’ve been through. Everything in my life is getting better. If you are nice to people and give God what he deserves he will give you anything you want. Don’t be scared to re-brand yourself. Times change and everyone needs a little dusting off sometimes.


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