The Fashion Mobster

Hey Queens and Kings.

Queen G is back with a new blog post. Today's blog post features Fashion expert, model, and creative director "The Fashion Mobster". "The Fashion Mobster is a style icon and model in the Virginia area.

I met " The Fashion Mobster" two years ago at "Infamouskiddo" art show in Noda. The first thing that I notice from Mobster was his style. Out of everyone in the room his style stood out. Since then we have been great friends. I want to wish Fashion mobster much success in his career and many more blessings. I believe in him and I want him to follow his purpose in life.

Check out "The Fashion Mobster" full interview below. Be sure to follow him and support his brand.

The Fashion Mobster Interview

1. Queen G: Who is fashionmobster?; why did you choose the name for your brand?

The Fashion Mobster: I honestly was really thinking about how I could brand myself in a trendy way. Of course, I could hav