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Happy Halloween!

Today I have a special treat for my readers that has been loyal for three years. Today blog feature welcomes Hip- Hop artist "Substantial." Substantial is a well known artist around the world that have express wonderful opportunities in his life. Substantial is not your ordinary guy; he is a man with a vision that is bigger than him and the world. His love for music is one of his talents he use to inspire people to express their self.

Listening to Substantial music, every song is different with a powerful message. His music is relate-able and soulful. His music make you think about real life issues. Music is about telling a story, you have to connect and be conscious.

You need to awaken and realize the world we live in today is changing rapidly. Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd and be seen. You have to take a chance in life and know your purpose in life to serve the people.

Check out Substantial interview below and be sure to check out his upcoming tour dates on his website!

Interview Questions:

Geornee': 1. Who inspired you to you live the life of an artist?

Substantial: Can't say that it was any one person or a particular moment. For me, I feel like I've always been an artist but I guess some of the people who helped me live my truth was my high school drawing teacher Doc Thompson, my sister Lisa and my friends.

Geornee': 2. When did you know you wanted to pursue music as your life purpose?

Substantial: When I was a freshmen in high school.

Geornee': 3. How was it like working with the late Japanesse producer Nujabes?

Substantial: It was great and challenging. It was great for what came out of it musically, what it did for my career and for the bond I built with Jun. It was challenging because in our sessions we butted heads a lot and it took a lot of compromise but for what came out of it, it was well worth it.

Geornee': 4. When you were in Japan working on your music what's the lifestyle like?

Substantial: Dope music. Great tech. Late nights. Great Food. Cool people. Lots of history. It was also my first time being in another country alone as a black man. It was an eye opening experience that's hard to fit in to a few words but I encourage everyone to travel, alone when possible, and rediscover yourself.

Geornee': 5. Where did the name " Substantial" come from; How do you use music with being a being a youth advocate to young teens and kids in your area?

Substantial: Youth advocate to young teens and kids in your area?

My friend "Beef" gave it to me years ago. He hated my old stage name and gave me a new one that he felt better suited the music I make. Plus it has my real name Stan in it. Hard to argue with that.

Music plays a huge role in children's lives. Some just listen to it, others dream of making it. Technology these days makes it easier than ever for them to have access to producing their own music. I provide music production and creative writing workshops as a way to reach young people and inspire them to live their dreams.

Geornee': 6. When did you know your soul mate was the right Queen in your life? What qualities attracted you to your Queen?

Substantial: I knew very early in our relationship that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. 19 years later she's still by my side. We connected through our love of art and music. We support each others aspirations, keep an open line of communication and constantly encourage one another to grow. Oh yeah and she's beautiful inside and out so that helps. LOL

Geornee': 7. Many artists make mistakes their first few years, What advice could you give for

Substantial: Independent artist wanting to be in the industry?

Read. This industry changes frequently. People make the mistake of paying more attention to the sonic changes but not as much to the changes in the business side. Be a student of your craft and the industry.

Geornee': Bonus Question: Any new upcoming projects you will be releasing before the year ends?

Substantial: The only release I'm concerned with during the year's end is the birth of my second daughter. Destiny Zuhairah is due to "drop" December 1st. LOL Looking forward to meeting the little one.


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