I am Sexy and a Black Goddess

I am sexy and a black goddess.

For years I use to be afraid to show people the real me, for those who know me they would describe me as quite. Growing up I was always to myself. I didn't have a lot of friends in school because I was always the outcast in the class. I use to get bully every day in middle and high school. Being over weight was one of the reasons I was an easy target, and not wearing the latest clothes that were trendy.

I remember in high school no one would sit with me at lunch or invited me to parties because I was different and never fit in with the crowd. I never had a boyfriend either... I use to think my weight was the problem why a guy never asks me out. I use to hate my body because I had stretch marks on my stomach, big thighs all my life. I have never been the skinny twin. I always been curvy.

I try working out, changing my diets and I went to a point on not eating anymore. In the long run, I was hurting myself because I wasn't eating the right foods, it's not okay to starve yourself to think you could weight. Now, I'm learning to eat the right healthy food that is good for my health and my body.

Changing my lifestyle I'm happy and feel confidence to not care about people perceptions about me. I know I'm beautiful regardless what size I am. I love that my thighs rub together and I love how my tummy has stretch marks. My body is my temple, I have to nutrients it and build it stronger. I only eat chicken and turkey. I drink almond milk and cut down on fast food. I want to live a long time and I care about the food I eat. I work out at least an hour and do dance cardio. Goodbye to old me and hello to the new me, This year I'm going to glow my light I want to inspire other woman's to love who they are. I want to uplift them to know their worth and to never feel like you have to settle for less in life.

To anyone that needs a word of motivation please doesn't compare yourself to another woman, nor tear down another Queen. There is no reason to spread negative energy. Be mindful that god built us different and unique. We are all different and powerful in different ways.