Love& Relationship advice: How Dating A Man With An Unstable Job Could Affect Your Relationship

Picture this Queens you've met the man of your dreams who meets all your requirements: He's ambitious, adventures, sexy, loyal to you, and wants to build an empire together. But the only flaw from this guy is that he's not financially stable to provide you.

He has the entrepreneur mindset to be a successful man in the future, right now he's a starving artist that lives a homeless lifestyle. The real question is "Could you be with a man that's unstable to support you?

From my past experience I was with a guy for two years that was an artist. While I was with him he didn't work the 9-5 job until later on. He was living at his mom house, and sometimes sleep in his car. I realize over the years I couldn't change his mindset about the lifestyle he wants. He was an artist in heart that wanted to work for himself. He made money selling his art to customers, and rapping to strangers in different city. It was hard being with him during this time because I like to go on dates. There was times the dates wasn't much because he was paying for it.

I don't regret anything in life, I still support him as a friend. I had to leave the relationship because I wanted more for myself. It takes a strong Queen to stick by her man side when he had nothing to offer, but if he's worth it and you can help support him emotionally. Then there is a chance it could work.

It depends on the guy you are dating and how stong your relationship to hold on.