Love & Relationship advice: He says He's Not ready for a relationship.

Why is it hard finding love? Do love even exist anymore? I'm so tired of couples seeing pictures with famous power couples and comparing their love life to theirs.. What is with woman wanting to be the next Queen B' and Jay - Z? Stop comparing yourself to other people love life and focus on finding the right man that shares the same vision as you and wants to build with you. Woman need to wake up and focus on finding self-happiness from within instead of settling for a man that just want an FWB ( Friends, With, Benefits) relationship. From my point of view, a FWB is a waste of time because you are having sex with the same guy that just want sex, you are not growing from having sex with him. Instead, you are being blind sided with the intimacy that is short term. I never had an FWB because that's not what I want in a relationship, the last guy I dated was my twin flame. We were together for two years, he is my best friend, lover, mate, business partner, and my future king. I love this man so much because when I look at him I see myself starting a family with him, not only that but I see myself inside him. The last two years being with him we had our ups and downs, no relationship is perfect but he always treated me like a Queen and was there for me. I know its nobody business to give their input about somebody else love life, but the truth is me and Mike was never in a relationship. We were good friends that have a special relationship that was eternal. Dating mike at the beginning I wasn't ready for a relationship because I didn't know what I want. When we first met I wasn't attractive to him, he wasn't my type but after talking to him I found out we shared the same birthday ( November 9th) the only difference was he's two years older than me. I took a chance by trying something different, I went on a date with him that lasted for 6 hours. It was our first date that was the best I ever had. After the date night, I remember saying "He is the one". Our connection and the love we have for each other is rare, it's real "Unconditional love", Strip down a man from his comfort zone, what's he left to do for survival? It's easy to find another woman in the streets to ease your mind with her mind twisting words, she could be what you think is best for you, in reality, what we dream of wanting is not always good for us. A twin flame is your one and only that is a blessing and gift. Starting today I'm moving forward with a whole new mindset, it's my time to continue to follow my dreams and follow my heart. Truth is I want mike to be my king, but sadly, he's not ready to take on the role. It hurts when you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, I don't know if Mike will ever be ready to be my king. I can't wait anymore for him to wake up. I'm a Queen that has a mission to accomplish. My purpose in life is bigger than me and him, I want to share it with him and change the world together. Right now, mike is doing his own thing in Atlanta and I have to continue living.

Me and mike at his first art show in January 2016.