Love & Relationship advice: Why your man doesn't appreciate you

Ladies, today's topic is "Why your man doesn't appreciate you" in my recent love & relationship blog content, "He says he not ready for a relationship." I talked about the guy I was dating for two years. The guy I was dating in college I thought was the love of my life, we spent a lot of time together. He is the twin flame that I wanted to build an empire with because I thought he wanted the same things I wanted in life. it turns out his vision is not the same as my, I'm not upset how it ended, but I'm hurt emotionally because this was the guy I thought was my best friend that wanted to change the world together but it turns out to be a lie. I am only human and I'm not perfect, love is complicated. I wish I would have seen the signs ahead of time, but I'm taking my experience from the relationship to offer some advice to anyone needing guidance while in a relationship or looking to take your relationship to the next level. Here is a list of signs I fail to realize early on in the relationship, if you see the patterns leave him and move on, you have to be strong to leave him and let him realize what he has is gone and will never be his again. Now, if you feel like you he can change then talk to him about how you feel. If he keeps doing the same thing then you need to walk away from and find better. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be loved, I loved being with him because I was comfortable with him and he helps made me a better woman today. It's not fair for you to be confused in the relationship also keep letting him play with your emotions. You deserve a man that wants all of you, support you, and uplift you for greatness. Reason #1. He gets what he wants when he hasn’t earned it A woman can give more than receive, you give him all your time, energy, love, support, and sex. If you are giving more than receiving than the relationship is unbalanced. It's not fair for you to please his needs but he's not pleasing yours. He needs to be reminded that the relationship has to be balanced with two mates, one person can't hold down the relationship. Reason #2. He doesn’t believe he will lose you. Every time there you and your man broke up so many times it becomes a pattern that you are on and off again, in his mind he feels like you are not going anymore and just going to keep letting him come back in your life. He won't take you seriously after the first time. Reason #3. He thinks he can get away with fantasizing about other women. Guys are foolish to see what's on social media is not real, they see a woman with a big ass, breast, and barley wearing any clothes. It's not okay to fantasy what is fake, men need to know the difference between a Queen and a non-Queen. Queens don't have to post naked, take topless pictures to get attention., A queen can be sexy by working on her career, posting inspirational, positive pictures on her social media. Reason #4. You are ignoring the above reasons and waiting passively for him to change. If everything I said is correct that has happened in your relationship.Then you have two choices. A. Leave the relationship because it's pointless to deal with a man that is still acting like a boy. B. Talk to him about how you feel and work together to fix your relationship. C. Leave and him and make him regret from hurting you. The best revenge is putting yourself first and doing better without him.


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