Nicole & Maurice: Eternal Black Love

Happy Valentine's day everyone,

Today is a beautiful day to spread self love from within, and to others. Valentine's day is a day for men to spend money on their Queens and spoil them with lavish gifts like roses, chocolate strawberries, dinner, massages, and giant teddy bears. Today is for Queens to relax and look sexy for their lover or lovers.

For Valentine's day my focus is self happiness. I'm not worry about spending today alone, if anything it's important for women to put their needs first, and to never settle in love. You are a goddess in the making that takes a special king to handle you. When the right man comes into your life you will know because you will both share the same vision in life. My future mate is a king that will have the right qualities I want in a man.

For now, I would love to introduce you a beautiful black couple that are the true meaning of #powercouples. Nicole and Maurice love is real because they are each other best friend, and soul mates. In order for a relationship to work it takes two people to balance the relationship. I want to thank Nicole and Maurice for letting me share their story with the world, I hope their questions below will awaken a lot of people to change their dating habits. Open your heart to love again and to heal from the pain, dating is complicated because you have to grow from previous fail relationship. "Move froward what has serve it's purpose, never settle or go back from what can't help you expand" .

Love Geornee'

Nicole interview

Geornee': 1. What nicknames do you call your lover?

Nicole: I don't really have a nickname for him honestly. You have to understand my story to understand why 😟. I'm not a easy person to love or show love. That's why Maurice is so great! He broke through this stone wall of mine 🤗.

2. Geornee': What qualities do you find attractive?

Nicole: His spirituality, he prays! He prays for me and our family every night! He prays for others and he's a believer that God can make a way. He has a connection with our kids. I really admire that about him, it makes my heart melt to see our kids bond with him. I never had that with my Father so it really pulls at my heart strings. He has a sense of humor, but he's kinda dry when it comes to my jokes 😒. I love his caring personality and he's not hard to look at 😛😍😍. LOL

3.Geornee': What body parts do you admire about your lover?

Nicole: When we first met I loved his physical stature. He's tall 6'1" slender build... then😂, but well defined arms and stomach. He was a young dashing football player at Olympic High school... very handsome. I love the way my husband looks in jeans, babe has a nice rear end.

4.Geornee': How did you and your man meet?; what was the first date


Nicole: Oh gosh, this is gonna sound so ghetto but it's the truth. We met in my neighborhood. My Aunt and I were taking a walk and a car full of guys came thru and stopped to talk to us. I got hollered at by the passenger 🙄 was Maurice. 🤣🤣 Honestly when we first met we never really dated, we spoke on the phone a few times and he'd come pick me up from work.... as a passenger 😏. I think that's how we disconnected...I wasn't that into him then. It was only when we rekindled our connection that we dated and I was 9 months pregnant by someone else then 😣. So, technically our first date he took me to see a movie at Queens Park in Charlotte. I believe the movie was Drop Dead Fred . It was so a chick flick 🤣🤣, but he still took me. I was so big and pregnant but he made me feel beautiful that night. I remember I wore my hair in a high ponytail, I had on a white shirt, jeans and get this.... huge Garfield the Cat bedroom slippers 😮 feet were swollen 😔.

5. Geornee': Who said "I love you" first? and when did you know he was your twin flame or soul mate?

Nicole: Maurice told me he loved me first over the telephone one night in our long conversations. I knew he was my soulmate when I almost lost him to someone else. We had taken a break 😢. I think it was Christmas Eve 1993 or so. I called him to wish him well. You know I said I had a gift for him and I wanted to bring it over. He told me I couldn't...He said he had company 😐🤔. Oh my God! I literally screamed when I hung up the phone! Everything happened so quickly, I just remember jumping in my uncle's car (without permission) racing through red lights and ending up at his place in 5 minutes! 5 minutes!! I could have really injured somebody that night, thank God I didn't. He was with another girl....a cute girl 😭. I cried, she sympathized with me, he cried. Long story short I told him he had to take her home. He did... and I rode with them. I just remember it was one of the most excruciating pains that I ever felt in that moment. I never knew I could hurt like that. It was not the last time I felt that kind of pain in our relationship but it was one of the worst. Oh yeah, our journey has been far from perfect but the thing is... we stuck it out and God had a plan for us. 😍 No matter what we always came back together from the time we first met, that's when I knew we were meant to be.

6. Geornee': What quality did he have that made him stand out from your previous relationship?

Nicole: He was different. He wasn't flashy, he wasn't into nice cars and clothes...He just worked, worked all the time 🙄. Again, I think that's why I lost interest...I was into that stuff he didn't have it. I was young and dumb and could've missed out on my good thing.

7. Geornee': What relationship can you give to my readers about love?

Nicole: One of the best quotes I saw was something like, that person you're curving just might be your soulmate. This is so true, people tend to look at physical attributes or material things to stop them from connecting with someone. My advice would be to at least have a conversation with them if it's something there that peaks your interest give that person a chance.

Maurice Interview:

1. Geornee': When you first met your Queen in high school, what qualities did she had that made you be attractive to her?

Maurice: When we first met I remember being so nervous!!! The qualities that attracted me to my Queen is her Beauty!!! And her Magnetic Personality

2. Geornee': What nicknames do you call your Queen?

Maurice: The nickname that I have for my Queen is Poo Bear!!!

3. Geornee': What body part do you admire about your Queen?

Maurice: I admire every inch my my wife's body. But, if i had single one part, it would be her legs!!

4. Geornee': You have been in love with Nicole since high school, out of pass relationship what is special about your Queen you would love to share?

Maurice: My wife is a very intelligent person. She's special because she knows me better than I know myself and she always knows what to say to pick me up when im down or, to help me stay focus.

5. Geornee': What's the most romantic thing you done for your Queen? Have you ever been a romantic loving man?

Maurice: I think the most romantic thing I've done for my queen is to take her to Hawaii for out 10th anniversary.

6.Geornee': What have been some challenges you had face with your Queen that made y'all stronger today?

Maurice: A that I faced throughout our relationship is being an effective Communicator with my wife. She continues to motivate me and inspire me.

7. Geornee': What relationship advice can you offer to the single men out there?

Maurice: Best advice I can offer to single man is Happy Queen happy King.


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