7 Must Have Trends For A Great Spring

Hey Queens!

I'm back with a new blog that is perfect for your Spring break! I have been gone with month from blogging because I am busy in school and getting ready to end my Junior year of college! Before school ends, I know it's spring break for a lot of College students and I have the perfect go to trends you will need on your vacay!

Check out my top 7 must have trends to have a breezy and beautiful spring! These items I would recommend to have a healthy spring and be ready for Summer!

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Trend #1: Vegan Biotin Pills- These Pills are great to take everyday for hair and nail growth. Biotin is a great energy booster to have healthy skin and intake in plant base pills.

Trend #2: Strawberries- Strawberries is a great fruit to eat for weight loss as well for snacks, and a good go- to item to pack on trips. There are many recipes you can try with strawberries!