Love & Relationship advice: I Cheated On My Boyfriend: How do I win him back

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Welcome back to Queen G love & relationship advice, today's topic is "I cheated on my boyfriend: How do I win him back. If you recently cheated on your boyfriend and he found out about your sexual engagement with someone else, then you came to the right place.

Before getting deep with the topic, you have to ask yourself why you cheated on your boyfriend? Was it you feeling vulnerable, lonely, not appreciated for him because he wasn't showing you more comfort and love?; or was it the fact you are not sexually getting what you want, you are not satisfied sexually from him, so you choose to explore. If you choose option A, you feel lonely, and vulnerable then don't feel bad for you actions, I'm not saying it's okay to cheat, but coming from my past experience I cheated in the past because I was lonely, I was confuse with a lot of emotions dealing with my Ex that lives 4 hours away, a women wants to feel love, feel appreciated, and feel comfort from her mate.

I always felt un appreciated from my Ex, because I feel like he wasn't doing his role as my boyfriend, I would always be the one send motivational texts, I would be the first one calling him about asking him about his day; Yes, I felt lonely, I knew he loved me but I would always remind him that I want more love, not just sexually but emotional support from him. There were times I would put his needs first, whenever he needed something from me I would do it right away because he was my best friend, and my man. I regret doing what I did, it was a mistake and not who I am. I just wanted him to do more for the relationship, some days I felt like I was the only one holding down the relationship while working two jobs, attending school full time, and managing my personal life. I would travel once a month to Atlanta to spend time with him and help make the relationship work.

I just want him to know that I will always loved him, I want us to talk about our feelings towards the incident and to forgive me, I want to moved on from this obstacle and get back on track.

Now, if you cheated on your boyfriend because you sexually was not getting what you want then it's important for you to walk away from the relationship and find a new man, or try different sex toys to spice up your sex life. There are a lot of sex toys, sexy lingerie, and naughty games for you to try with you man. Both sides deserve to get what they want, don't waste your time by settling for less.

If you want to win back your man here are some tips I can offer from my experience.