Interview With Dancer: Dynasty_Creator

Photography is by Erin Bell (Bull City Photography)

Lindsey Laura Laster

Choreographer/Artistic Director

Hey loves!

Happy Monday I hope everyone had a great weekend that was full of food vibes, and was productive. I will like to introduce a new friend to "Lindsey Laura Laster"known as dynasty_creator is an upcoming dancer. Lindsey is a professional dancer that has been dancing since the age of 7. She also trained at a dance school in New York City for five years.

Lindsey is a beautiful, gifted, and a powerful black girl that inspires people to get up and dance. I hope to take Lindsey class one day and I want to wish her much success in her career. Check out her full interview below!

1. Geornee’: What makes you dope from any other dancer?

Lindsey L. Laster: I know dance is one of my natural gifts that allows me to really connect with people. I am a dancer of phenomenal expression. I can be goofy, loving, sassy, gentle, stubborn, energetic, laid back, unconventional, empathetic,and creative all at the same time. I call my overall visual the luu experience because my choreography is a representation of who I am. Yes, I can pick up on any type of choreography and precisely execute it but its about more than that. It’s about my style. One secret about me is I am obsessed with shapes. I also love to include both feminine and masculine movements, the balance is so powerful. I’m just that dope dancer you can’t stop watching.