Interview With Dancer: Dynasty_Creator

Photography is by Erin Bell (Bull City Photography)

Lindsey Laura Laster

Choreographer/Artistic Director

Hey loves!

Happy Monday I hope everyone had a great weekend that was full of food vibes, and was productive. I will like to introduce a new friend to "Lindsey Laura Laster"known as dynasty_creator is an upcoming dancer. Lindsey is a professional dancer that has been dancing since the age of 7. She also trained at a dance school in New York City for five years.

Lindsey is a beautiful, gifted, and a powerful black girl that inspires people to get up and dance. I hope to take Lindsey class one day and I want to wish her much success in her career. Check out her full interview below!

1. Geornee’: What makes you dope from any other dancer?

Lindsey L. Laster: I know dance is one of my natural gifts that allows me to really connect with people. I am a dancer of phenomenal expression. I can be goofy, loving, sassy, gentle, stubborn, energetic, laid back, unconventional, empathetic,and creative all at the same time. I call my overall visual the luu experience because my choreography is a representation of who I am. Yes, I can pick up on any type of choreography and precisely execute it but its about more than that. It’s about my style. One secret about me is I am obsessed with shapes. I also love to include both feminine and masculine movements, the balance is so powerful. I’m just that dope dancer you can’t stop watching.

2. Geornee: What city are you from and why should people invest in your dance class?

Lindsey L. Laster: Well, I lived in Brooklyn, NY until I was 12 years old. New York is the foundational source of my passion for dance. I took five classes at Full of Energy Dance Studio which was then located on Flatbush Avenue. New York provided a very inspirational and creative environment for me that to this day influences my thought process. When I moved to Maryland I didn’t enroll in any dance classes but I was always involved. The first team I was actually on was the step team at Oxon Hill Middle School. I then went on to join the Pom Poms Dance Team and three other teams: D.I.S (Dancers with Individual Style), Kaution, and D.O.P.E (Dancers of Phenomenal Expression). Hence me being a dope dancer. Catchy right? I love playing with words. Words compose a song , a dance piece. When I choreograph pieces for my dance class I am telling a story. People should invest in my dance class because it is truly a multidimensional experience. I have gained so much knowledge in the dance field and would love to help others feel good about themselves. Dance is therapeutic. My class is designed to really support dancers of all levels.

3. Geornee’: What short term and long term goals do you have with your career and with your passion for dancing?

Lindsey L. Laster: Short term goals and long terms goals, now we’re getting to the juicy stuff. Seriously, I am so excited about this journey. As a dancer I’ve grown so much in the last year alone. In the next 6 months I will have an increase in dancers participating in my classes. Specifically, a minimum of 10 people will be in attendance on a regular basis. Skill set wise, I will be more flexible. I’m really training to master my splits and kicks. Also, strengthening my core and ability to balance on all surface types is a priority. In terms of collaborations I am going to partner with a local artist to choreograph to his/her work. I am also going to release my own music video!!!!! Long term goals I am going to be traveling internationally hosting The Luu Experience XX Master Classes. Being that I am also a Zumba Instructor I really want to be able to attend Zumba conferences and lead a class. I’m just going to be living and dancing, inspiring others to fololw their dreams. In terms of collaborations I will be a choreographer for a variety of projects such as commercials and tv series. I am going to be a strong and balanced dancer specializing in all forms of dance. Last but not least I am going to be a model for at least two major companies who support The Luu Experience XX.

4: Geornee’: If you could create a dance challenge that could go viral, who you?; and if so create one and start a hashtag.

Lindsey L. Laster: I feel like everyone needs to incorporate dance in their life. To me dancing is like laughter. It’ll just make you feel good. #lifestylemotions Lifestyle emotions in motion. The challenge is for people to capture an everyday life moment like making a sandwich or even getting into bed. The catch is you have to dance when completing the task or motion as I like to say. Movement is crucial to self development both mentally and physically so I really think this challenge can add both fun and productivity. A perfect combination for success!

5. Geornee’: What does it mean to you being a black Queen in today world?

Lindsey L. Laster: I hold myself to very high standards when it comes to my role in the growth of humanity. As a people in today's world we are essentially hurting on so many different levels. As a black Queen I see myself as a light. I am an inspiration. I seek to encourage and uplift others. I truly believe we need to work together more. In order to do that we all have to utilize our strengths equally which is not possible if there is no equality. To be a Black Queen in today's worlds means a lot to me. It means that I am loved and have a lot of love to share by being a leader; helping others to be their best self and just be happy.


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