Check out TrapxArt, TrapxArt is a non- profit organization that travel throughout the hottest cities in North America like Atlanta, LOS Angles, Oakland, New Jersey, and Chicago. Based in the Bay Area, California, Trapxart is a movement that fuses art, hip-hop culture and the spirit of being your own boss. Whether it's your career, your art, your life, your beliefs, your body, your anything... we believe in self-expression. Trapxart events are a celebration of beautifully diverse people, unparalleled live art exhibits showcasing amazingly talented local artists, and of course dope music. Last Sunday night I went to support the artists that were showcasing their art. The event was great. I admire the brand for offering a diversity platform artist. I would recommend TrapxArt events for anyone that are looking to have a great time. The best experience was supporting the community, It's important to support artists that have a passion to be their own boss and be an entrepreneur. If you are interested in becoming a vendor or supporting TrapxArt please follow the company website the link below. Check out more photos from my experience below.