Goddess_emeral : Sexy. Fierce. Afropunk

Sexy, Fierce, and a black goddess are the words that come into play for Goddessemeal. Emeral Eden is an anime lover, blogger, gamer, and an upcoming role model in the Atlanta, GA area. I came across Emeral Instagram page from a mutual follower, what attracted me to her page was her natural beauty. Emeral is her own brand. Her look is what separates her from other Queens. Emeral is a star and an overachiever whose future is bright, her words of wisdom are inspirational and always upbeat. If you are looking for morning motivation subscribe to goddess_emeral YouTube page and check out her Instagram!

Goddess_emeral Fan Page:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGKJWCDxgP2va_yjYFXZLwQ

Instagram: @goddess_emeral

Facebook: @goddess_emeral

1. Geornee': Who is goddess emeral?

Goddess emeral: Love, light, and positivity” is my mantra. I am focused on spreading uplifting messages and promoting self-love. Through mindfulness meditation I am able to silence the ego (with all its excuses/doubts) and manifest positive thoughts and intentions. My goal is to ALWAYS be my “Best Self”. This free-spirited, bubbly personality is not just a mask for the camera. This is a girl has been working on self and enjoying every minute of it!

2. Geornee': What inspired you to be self-love and what challenges did you faced at the beginning before being one with self?

Goddess emeral: Ironically, posting motivation videos on my YouTube channel and Instagram inspired me to really practice self-love. I didn’t know then but the “Messages of the Days” I uploaded were for myself as well as other people. For the longest time I was under the assumption that my messages were solely for my audience. I was grateful that my messages could impact others in a positive way. However, there was a challenge – THE EGO. I would often think “what if I’m not helpful”, “what if no one likes it”. It was at those moments that I begin to separate from my ego. You are what you attract! I only put energy into positive thoughts and that is what surrounds me.

3. Geornee': What advice can you offer for people that are letting fear hold them back in a relationship, job, growth..etc?

Goddess emeral: Start to separate yourself from your ego! You ego is what tells you “you can’t” or “you’re not good enough”. To do this we must silence all the noise and distractions from our mind so that we can speak to our higher selves. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to gain that concentration to be able to do so.

4. Geornee': What upcoming projects are you working on for the summer?

Goddess emeral: Accountability – Gym series vlog, Cosplay – Anime/comic convention vlog, Mindfulness Meditation vlog.

5. Geornee': Your look is exotic and colorful, what inspire you to the transition?

Goddess emeral: I was first inspired to look more eccentric in high school! I wanted to be different and stand out. At the time I wanted to look like someone else. Through self-reflection over the years I have learned to accept myself. I am now inspired by nature! I have since left my locs alone and allowed them to free-form. With the color, they now resemble the trees in nature.


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