Goddess_emeral : Sexy. Fierce. Afropunk

Sexy, Fierce, and a black goddess are the words that come into play for Goddessemeal. Emeral Eden is an anime lover, blogger, gamer, and an upcoming role model in the Atlanta, GA area. I came across Emeral Instagram page from a mutual follower, what attracted me to her page was her natural beauty. Emeral is her own brand. Her look is what separates her from other Queens. Emeral is a star and an overachiever whose future is bright, her words of wisdom are inspirational and always upbeat. If you are looking for morning motivation subscribe to goddess_emeral YouTube page and check out her Instagram!

Goddess_emeral Fan Page:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGKJWCDxgP2va_yjYFXZLwQ

Instagram: @goddess_emeral

Facebook: @goddess_emeral

1. Geornee': Who is goddess emeral?