Power Talk Atlanta, GA- Event review

Hey loves!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Power Talk Atlanta, which was a networking event that showcases Atlanta's hottest and on the move artists. Power Talk Atlanta had a wide variety of entrepreneurs in the fashion, modeling, photography, and makeup industry. The founder and creator of the event "Naomi nucia" is a model that brought together an amazing event for the community. My overall experience for the event was great, the location was convenient to Little 5 Points, the food was good. I would have liked to taste the food that was catered by the chef. Cocktail hour was a delicious fruit tray. I am blessed to have attended Power Talk Atlanta because the panelist offers helpful life skills advice that was beneficial for my career. I would like to Thank Naomi Nucia for allowing Geornee.com cover the event, and I personally would like to thank Naomi's team for decorating and running the event behind the scene. It takes a good team and a leader to put on an amazing event.

Check out my videos and pictures down below!