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I'm back with a new blog interview an creative artist and entrepreneur in the Atlanta, GA. The last three months I have been living in Atlanta, GA. My journey has been an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I have connected with creative individuals like myself that are hustlers and born leaders. I have grown in spirituality as a goddess, I went through a transition of leveling up my life. I deserve and manifest to have it all. I am ready to shine my light and take over the world.

I would love to thank CloudxCruiser for the blog interview, he is humble, creative, and handsome god. He is a god in my eyes that will never stop dreaming, he will spread his love, and art throughout the world.

For business inquires contact CloudxCruiser, or his manager.

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1. Geornee’: I would love to know more about you as an artist and entrepreneur. Who are you?

Cloud Cruiser: My name is Erbriyon Barrett I'm from Warner Robins out from the 478, as an artist I’m very influenced by bright colors I don’t shy away from pink and yellow. A bright baby blue is my go-to colors whenever I’m creating but its weird cause green is my favorite color. I hardly ever use it but I still have love for the color other things like anime pop culture video, and games American cartoons are also a strong influence piece to my creativity when making art. Being an artist based in the south my style isn’t well known it’s mostly black cultural artwork that gets the most recognition, so it’s nice to be outside the box when it comes to creating in the south. I've been drawing since I was 5 years old, I use to compete with my older cousins on who can draw Goku better who gun dam looks more realistic. I transition now I've gone from paper to digital art on tablets to canvas and now walls through my time as an artist I’m very multi-talented when it comes to creating things if it’s blank and has a good size on it I will create art on it now that I’ve been seeking a professional level with my art for the last 3 years. It’s a process of traveling, promoting yourself, and putting your work out in showcases you really learn what art schools don’t enhance your skills. Social media doesn’t always work for you, you have to be seen in the public and promote yourself non-stop. You have to be mobile walk the streets to get the recognition you feel you deserve.

2. Geornee’: What’s your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your lifestyle as an artist?

Cloud Cruiser: Strength wise: I would say I hardly get artist block like most creative individuals, I rarely am like (dang, I don’t know what to make). I get inspired so fast I can watch Avatar "The Last Air bender," or walk through the mall and be inspired. My weakness is when I overthink everything in the process. I just want to be seen as a strong creative indididual. I constantly hear people telling me how good my art is and how much they see the improvement over the years. I have to tell myself it ’s a work in progress.

3. Geornee’: What or who has contributed to your success with your brand?

Cloud Cruiser: My mom is my biggest supporter, she is the first person I share in the creative process. Like most moms they can be overprotective of their children's. I love my mom no matter what. Artist like Ron English, Blue the Great, and Alex Ross; are my fuel to be inspired. Ron with his color, Blue with his off the wall approach, and Alex with his attention to details. Are the three key factors that inspire my vision.

Geornee': 4. What your purpose in life? And how do you stay consistent with your craft and followers?

Cloud Cruiser: My purpose is to be the greatest man I was born to be . I want to learn how to be a DJ because I love the beat. I constantly tell people that Daft Punk is the reason why I’ve been learning how to DJ. I don’t care about becoming a famous DJ, I have the passion to learn and master the skill. I would love the opportunity to direct films similar to Spike Lee, and Baz Luhrmann. They are my favorite directors, Spike Lee is my all-time favorite director. I plan to be an extra in a Marvel movie film in the near future. I would love to star in a Netflix series as well, I want to live my life with many memories to tell my future kids. I don't focus on gaining or losing followers, I learn to not focus on the number of people that like my work. I focus on the people that invested in my art and that felt inspire and accepted.

Geornee': 5. What upcoming projects can we expect before the year is over?

Cloud Cruiser: I’m working on going to Art Basel this year to a part of the culture. I’m working on a clothing collaboration with "LIFEATL" a brand based in Atlanta, which is set to release in the Fall 2018. "LIFEATL" is an organization that provide rising entrepreneurs with a platform to gain brand exposure. I am excited and humble to work with this organization. I don't paint on canvases much like I use to since I started making art on walls. Be on the look out for mural wall projects, and future shows in different cities to follow my brand.

Geornee': 6. What qualities do you look for in a mate? And are you in a relationship?

Cloud Cruiser: I look for a lot of qualities in a woman. She must have a fashion senses, great taste in music, be humorous and photogenic. She must love herself, be independent, and know her worth.

I gotta have fun with you I joke a lot when I’m comfortable with you I don’t think I’m picky if I’m looking for the right mate you gotta have some certain qualities but the main one that I really care about is the ability that you can teach me. I need to learn off you if I’m in a relationship with you and you can’t teach me nothing that I can’t find out on my own.

I don’t wanna be bothered with you I don’t wanna be the teacher in the relationship 24/7 who is always informing you on how things are or how the world works or always inspiring you I need to learn as much off you just like you need to learn as much off me, but I’m currently single. I am looking but I’m not gonna stress it I do go on dates with different ladies at times but it feels so temporary when we talk I’m ready to build with someone to share my success with them go to concerts, music festivals, and go on vacations to explore the world. I’m not planning to be married twice in my life so I want that one person and that’s it but I’m still young so I’m not stressing.

Geornee': 7. What advice can you offer to creative individuals for chasing their dreams?

Cloud Cruiser: My number one huge advice is that you are your own person. Don’t envy the wrong things most of the time your doing better than you think you are.

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