Luxe Glam Nails- Fashion For Your Nails

Sexy, stylish, affordable, and fashion forward are what's trending for Luxe Fashion Nails. Luxe Fashion nails are my must-have beauty product for all woman. Luxe offers creative design starting at $35.00-85.00. The best part of Luxe fashion nails can design any custom nail set just for you!


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Fashion For Your Fingers

Luxe is press on nails made for your style and convenience . Luxe makes it easy for you to change your nails like

you change your clothes. Not only are they salon quality they are reusable and can be customized. Each nail is hand crafted to perfection and made to look natural. Luxe has you covered for all your nails need.

Luxe fashion nails is perfect for any social occasion that will have you Luxe in just minutes! I support Luxe business because they are a new fashion nails business that supports woman by uplifting their confidence with

their nails.

Take a moment to check out Luxe fashion nails pictures, and blog interview down below.

1.Geornee': What’s the purpose for Luxe nails? And why should women invest in your product?

Luxe Nails: The purpose of Luxe nails is to create salon quality nails with trendy designs. Luxe alleviates women having to sit in the nail salon for hours to get their nails done or over spending on designs and services that they are unhappy with. Women make appointments in a salon and get naiks and designs they may end up loving just to turn around in the next two weeks and have that design removed Luxe has created a way for them to never have to lose that design again.

2. Geornee': What’s the cost to wear your stylist nails?

Luxe nails: The average cost of a Luxe nail kit is $50. Keeping in mind that Luxe can be worn over and over and they can be mixed and matched with other Luxe

designs. Luxe is a reusable lifestyle brand.

3. Geornee': What is your design inspiration for designing your collection?

Luxe nails: The inspiration for Luxe is women. Being a nail tech I see many different women and their styles, some simple and conservative, some eclectic and unique, and some just fall in the middle. Each woman has her own style when it come shape, colors, and designs. Luxe has created a way for women to create their unique style.

4. Geornee': What are the benefits for Luxe fashion nails?

Luxe nails: The benefit of Luxe nails is there is no damage to the natural nail. No e-filing or over buffing. They are pain free and healthy, allowing your nails to grow and keep its natural strength.

5. Geornee': . What inspire you to start a career in the beauty industry?

Luxe nails: The inspiration for my career in the beauty industry was coming back to the US when I was younger. I would spend the summer with my grandmother, who get her nails done every two weeks. Living overseas at that time nail salons were a luxury so when I would come back I would go with my grandmother to the nail salon. I fell in love with the art. I would buy acrylic nail kits and do my nails and practice on my friends. The passion just grew. Once I finish high school I enrolled in cosmetology school.

6.Geornee'; Do you plan on hosting pop up shops in different cities?

Luxe nails: I do plan on hosting top of shops in different cities in the beginning of 2019.

7.Geornee': Do you plan on having a brand ambassador for your brand? If so what qualities do you look for?

Luxe nails: Yes I plan on having brand ambassadors. I would love to one from each State and some internationally. The qualities I'm looking for in a brand ambassador is someone who has a good following with interactive viewers and someone who is a influencer and loves beauty and fashion.

8. Geornee': Bonus question: How does it feel to be the only entrepreneur to design a press on nails box?

Luxe nails: It feels amazing to be an entrepreneur who makes press on nails. I want change the stigma of press on nails. Most people look at press in nails and either turn up their nose or look at them like your mother's press on nails.You know, the ones you buy from your local grocery store or convenient store. I would like to change the idea of press on nails being cheap, plain, and old fashion. Luxe is luxury, durable, and fashionable and made to be convenient, long lasting


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