College students topic: Balancing school and Full time job

Hey loves.

First semester is coming to end for many of us, right now I am currently getting read for mid term, and writing essays. Like most college students we work part time/ full time jobs while in school to earn a lifestyle. I can't tell explain to you how stress out I get when it comes time to pay day. When I see my direct deposit I'm grateful for the money I earned at my job because I worked hard. I'm not satisfy with the amount. I work 30 hours a week and make more than my last job, I feel torn in between to work two jobs vs. having time to study for my school work. Financially I'm not happy because I want to have enough money to do more for myself. My job only covers my car payment, car insurance, and phone bill.

I want to have more income for myself to help my mom pay bills, sadly I'm not able to help because I want to be able to have time to study for my classes. Today I will list of side jobs college students can work part time while in school.

Tips/ Advices

1. Start an Etsy account to sell products that are crafty and creative. This is a great work from home job for students that work base on commission. You are not being over work or stress out. Your hard work and effort is base on you being irrelevant with your product.

2. Start a baby sitting services on weekends to generate extra cash. You are in control with your availability and your rates.

3. If your school schedule is flexible start looking for jobs that are before and after school care. Both shifts are 3-4 hours long and only offer on weekdays.

4. If you are good at tutoring in subjects such as Math, English, Science, or Law; start a tutoring service. You can charge anywhere from $15-20 an hour for your time.

5. If yo