Don't be the down chic in a relationship

Hey loves,

Queen G back with a new blog about relationship advice. Today marks a week since I ended a on- and - off relationship with my EX. I mention him before in my old blogs years ago. Last Friday was our birthday and I decided to go to Atlanta for the weekend, at the time we were happy to each other. On my birthday he didn't have a gift for me, or a birthday cake.

I would never thought I will be the one buying us a birthday cake and him a gift.

I felt distance from him after that because he wanted to be selfish to spend $200 on a neck tattoo and not have a birthday card for me. For years I have always been giving him 98% of my time to him, and in exchange he will give 2%. I thought by him moving to Atlanta the distance will help him be a man that can offer more to me.

Sadly, nothing has change. I didn't value my self worth to be with a boy that didn't want a relationship with me, It would hurt me when he didn't want to be open about us on social media or to other people beside his family. I'm tired of giving my love to someone who don't respect me.

Like most relationship a good woman feel obligated to be a down chic, we are loyal to the same man that don't nothing to offer, except sex. The moment when you need him he stops responding to your phone calls and texts.

I deserve more another partner that will want the same goals I have. Advice I can offer is to stop being available for a man that has boy mindset; let him go because he just wasting your time. Sex shouldn't be the only thing he can provide. Want more for yourself and prepare yourself for a better lifestyle.