I found love from within

Praise God, I want to start off by thanking God for the new blessings in my life. The old Geornee’ was a broken little girl. For the longest I didn’t know who I was. I was afraid to express myself in front of people. I have found love from within; I have control of my emotions. I want to apologize to the people I betrayed in the past I’m sorry if I lost your trust.

What made me change was forming a relationship with my farther. Growing up I never had a relationship with him, he was a stranger to me. Since Thanksgiving our relationship has grown. I love my dad and thankful we can move forward from the past.

I’m moving forward in life with a new mindset. I would like to apologize to my best friend, I’m sorry It took me three years to understand what you saw in me three years ago.


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