How to be Happily SINGLE

Today's topic is important for me to share with anyone who is going through a breakup or trying to heal from a breakup. Let me start off by acknowledging your strength to put yourself first. We as women's are compassionate with our emotions; We are healers. Our aura is what makes us who we are. I know from past experience it's not easy letting go, neither it's healthy for you to live in the past. Breakups are cleansing for both partners; put yourself first by experience new things with yourself. You don't need a man to make you feel good about yourself; learn how to be happily single with your own self. You are a Queen who has the power to create, use your feminism to get what you desire. This is your time to shine to show people the best version of yourself. Follow the steps to start your journey. Step 1: CRY IT OUT- Cry out all the emotions from your breakup, this is your time to let it out and release everything. Step 2: DELETE, UN FOLLOW, AND BLOCK - Delete/block his number from your phone and block him on your social media. Delete all the photos of him in your phones, text messages, and voicemails. You need to cleanse him out of your system. Don't devote your time to him because he is not worried about you anymore, Don't email him. Let him go no matter if you feel a connection, LET HIM GO. Step 3: Don't stalk his social media, stop living in the past of going back through old photos and videos together. Let him be and move on. This is your time to focus on only yourself. Step 4: Treat Your Self- Take time for yourself to get your nails, and hair done. Try on new clothes that show off your frame. Workout at least 3-4 times a week. You are a brand that has a new mission and purpose to fulfill. Changing your appearance will help you feel good from the inside and out. People will notice a positive change. Step 5: NO Dating- Don't rush to date a man to quickly because mentally and emotionally you are not ready, don't feel pressure to jump into another relationship because you see other peoples doing it. A man will come later on when the time is right. Step 6: Don't hook up with your past- Don't go back to your past relationship; They are your past for a reason. Step 7: GLOW UP- Smile more because your smile is your asset; take pictures that show off your best version of yourself. Your friends and family will be happy to see you living your life. Step 8: Brand Up- Start a hobby that can turn into another stream of income. Get your money up by doing what you love; invest in yourself by giving your time, and focus. Step 9: Meet new people- If you are wanting to start a business; make new connections. Don't be shy, soft-spoken, or unsure of yourself. Take charge on your career and start making a name for yourself.