The Oasis's Shirt X IKV

New Year New You. It's time to put yourself first. I don't think one picture properly represents my love for the Oasis's shirt from IKV (InfamousKiddoValour) collection. I wanted to share my photos with you because we need to support local artists in the community. IKV has transitioned from the canvass, customize apparel, to now having his clothing line. His talent deserves to be shared with the world. This is only the beginning from IKV, he has a lot of instore for 2020. I feel sexy and confident in my shirt, the quality is excellent, the shirt is 100% cotton and true to size. The packaging is good. All shirts come with an IKV limited edition card. The best part of supporting IKV he cares about his customers. He grantee quality, on-time delivery, and his level of professionalism. To purchase your shirt contact InfamousKiddo! My shirt size: Large (Men size) Retail: $35.00 (Shipping included) Inventory On hand: 5 Black (Large) 2 White ( Medium) 1 White (Small) Artist information: Name: Mike Grant Instagram: @Infamouskiddo Email: Business phone: 704-930-1727