Queen Of The South: Megan Wolford

Hey loves, Queen G is back with a new blog. I hope all my readers have been staying focus on their 2020 goals. This is the year to take on new adventures. This is your year to challenge yourself for new heights. To be successful at anything in life you must make time for the things that matter. Prioritize your life, take control of your life. Have a plan and a mission to accomplish your task on time. I am not perfect, nor is my life. I'm working on myself as Queen. I am blessed to have the lifestyle I have. Every day I am working on my empire. I plan on making 2020 my year for growth and abundance. Today's blog is special because March is women international day. This month is special because we run the world. We are powerful, talented, hustler, and innovators. This month's blog post is dedicated to all my Queens. Let's celebrate one another accomplishments and continue to work on becoming the best version of ourselves. Check out this month's cover story featuring Megan Wolford. She is my Covergirl for this month's blog. I admire her hustle and her strength to continue to help others around her. Thank you for supporting Geornee.com, and shout out to Megan Wolford for letting me interview her. May you continue to grow and open doors for your career.

Megan: Twitter/IG: whoadelameg

Facebook: megan wolford

I currently work for Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, currently running the label under the label CEO and President.

I started in August 2019.

Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and raised in Charlotte, Megan Wolford is an emerging music professional playing a key role in the growing wave of musical talent rising out of North Carolina. Her most recent project serving as Charlotte's Market Manager for Dreamville Fest is helping bridge the gap between the local music scene and the larger musical ecosystem outside of NC.

Megan recently earned her Masters Degree via New York University’s Music Business Graduate program. During her time at NYU, Wolford became involved with organizations such as GrammyU as well as acquiring highly coveted internships with Primary Wave Entertainment, the Highline Ballroom, and Bandsintown. Megan previously interned with Cornerstone Agency and FADER MAG, Jamla Records, as well as serving as an event planner for Marketing Resource Solutions.

Megan is currently the manager for the NC R&B artist Cyanca who was just awarded Best Artist 2019 from Charlotte Magazine. Wolford’s success as Cyanca’s manager has garnered critical acclaim for the up and coming artist with placements in REVOLT, Creative Loafing, Selection Radio, Audiomack Official R&B playlist, Beats1 Radio "Discovered on Apple Music" Playlist curated by Old Man Ebro and performances at Facebook's Headquarters and A3C Hip Hop Festival.

Megan's biggest aspiration is to one day be appointed President of the Recording Academy.

1. Geornee': What's like balancing your brand for you and your artists? What key qualities separate you from other managers?

Megan: I work at a label 9-5p I manage My artist Cyanca and my company Touchdown Music Group. Dreamville Fest is coming up so that will be another task! It helps that my job function is mainly correspondence. I can work from anywhere because of technology. I am set apart because I am not discouraged by becoming busy. I jump right into my tasks and get it done. I know there are plenty of women managers for other women artists. I believe I got it out the mud with my career. I’ve just been navigating my no’s and finding my yes’s. Saying I believe to myself may seem cliche. I’ve encountered a lot of people with self-doubt.

2. Geornee': What advice can you offer for building a strong empire? Who inspires you to be the Queen you are today?

Megan: Sometimes I look at people who are rich or famous and hear their ideas or see their accomplishments. I'm like "I can do it too." It's more based off the fact that I feel like a lot of them started just like me, with just ambitions and "a dream." I think building a strong empire entails a great knack for research and being able to forecast the future. Your predictions may not be 100% buy studying where your field may shift will make you an industry leader and give you a leg up over your peers. It will also help with you disrupting the industry with new ideas. I believe understanding how to lead is also important. Your relations and the team will respect you more and care about building with you.

3. Geornee': 2020 just begun can we expect any projects coming from you soon? How have your artists influence you to continue living up to your expectations?

Megan: My artist Cyanca is working on a lot of content (music and visual) and her album. She just did a photoshoot with a huge company that will be published in early February. She has a new single with Erick Lottary dropping early February along with the visual the following week. We have some bigger things coming to the rest of the year and I'm very excited, might even throw a small tour in there. As far as my brand, I will be featured on "Female is the Future" panel during CIAA. I am also hosting a few events at being social, so be on the lookout for those schedules! I work closely with Stunna4Vegas and he is constantly thanking me for helping him and that pushes me to be on my A-game. Cyanca is Not only my artists but my support systems have high expectations of me, sometimes it is a lot of pressure. I've learned how to maintain and also deliver on my word as best as I can.

4. Geornee': Is there anyone you follow on Social media for daily motivational? How did you find your brand voice?

Megan: The people I am influenced by social media are not super famous. My friend Tasha Hilton and Wafer Tevi are two women I look up to. We all kind of set out to do jobs that come with many challenges and ways to get set or pushed back but we have all persevered. I have always been my authentic self and people just gravitated towards that so you will always get the real me. As far as my business I have always been impressed by my dynamic music, with lots of instruments, songs that you can tell were thought of vs. just written because you found lyrics that fit a melody.

5. Geornee': How do you balance your lifestyle? How do you live up to your brand?

Megan: Balance is a tricky thing I'm learning because I get things done but sometimes it still feels unbalanced just because there's so much that happens in my life. I will leave my office and have to go to a booking for Cyanca. I am tired a lot but its all worth it. I've started using 3-4 calendars to stay on track. Cyanca and I have our update meetings and I am always leaving myself little post-it notes to mark off my tasks. As far as living up to my brand, I have super strong music opinions so if I try to stay true to my brand by working with people I truly believe in and not just working with people for the sake of money.

6. Geornee': What sacrifices did you have to make to be the Queen you are today?

Megan: Moving to NY to get my Masters in Music Business was a game-changer for me but I missed my family. I've started to have to miss family and friend events because of my artist having shows. That can be a bummer but you have to just suck it up because the music industry is 24/7. That's where balance comes in because you have to make sure you are making time for yourself, friends, and family. When you do have free time. I've also sacrificed money! Starting in the industry you are usually an intern. I have been an unpaid intern many times but it has been worth it because my resume speaks for itself. As a manager, you also have to come to terms with your work going unnoticed at times. The public focuses mainly on the artist unless the team is going super hard and making themselves known, but some people like being unrecognized. That's just something to think about when coming into positions like the ones I work.


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