Kaya Kosmetics: Queen With A Purpose

Hey Queens,

I hope everyone is safe and it's taking advantage of this time to focus on creating new business ideas, creating content, and focus on your mental health. Self-love is the best love you can offer yourself. When you are in a good place mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally you will see positive changes in your life. Life is about growing, learning new things, and elevating your mind. Take this time to recap of your goals, what's your purpose in life? How can you contribute to what's going on in the community? Right now take 10 minutes to write short term goals to accomplish for April. Push yourself to want more for yourself. Don't take advantage of the time we have in the house for granted. This is an excellent time to challenge yourself. You deserve happiness. Stay balanced and be humble.Today's is about uplifting one another. Celebrating one accomplishment. I want to shine a spotlight on a young entrepreneur in the community. Kaya is a Queen that is on a mission to help and uplift Queens with her Kosmetics line. She is doing amazing with her business. She has a great support system behind her and I wish her the best of luck. We need more young girls like Kaya in the community. Kaya is my superhero because she's a fighter, no matter the obstacles she faces. She continues to rise and stay constant. Check out Kaya interview and support her Kosmetics collection! Blog Interview: Geornee': 1. What influences you to start your own cosmetics business? Why the beauty industry? Kaya: These past few years I’ve struggled to find my passion. Being a teenage girl I love makeup but wanted to have more control over the Type of cosmetics I put on my face and lips. I have bad face acne and many products I can’t wear. So I started researching the Beauty industry to see what products I could offer to other girls that have the same issues as me. Geornee': 2. What separates you from other young entrepreneurs with their brand? Why should people invest in you? Kaya: What separates me from other young entrepreneurs is everything I do is for a cause, it’s my effort to make the world better. 50% of My lip gloss line proceeds go to my organization to help provide feminine hygiene products to homeless ladies. People should invest in my brand because not only are they helping my line of cosmetics grow but they’re helping my non-profit be bigger and better! Geornee': 3. What’s your target market for “kaya kosmetics”? How do you plan on promoting your brand? Kaya: The target market for Kaya Kosmetics is from the young millennial to the Generation X Mature Women. I plan to promote my brand by using the people around me to spread the word as well as using the number 1 tool of this age. Social Media and Branding. Geornee': 4. Who helps you get started With your business? What advice did they offer you for starting? Kaya: My parents helped me start my business. My mother is a business owner and my father is retired military. My mother told me nothing comes easy and to make a difference in the world you have to be different. She told me everything I do has to be part of my effort to help those who are without to have. My father told me to make a plan, write it down and make it come to life. He was my first investor. Geornee': 5. What products can we expect from you in Summer 2020? Short and long term goals what are your plans for your business? Kaya: You can be expecting a lot of new flavors for the gloss, lipsticks, more jewelry mixed in there! One of my short term goals is to have my website set up so people can order from online directly and my long term goal is to be in stores. Geornee': 6. What’s your price point for your product? Which product is a Summer must-have? Kaya: I want my prices to be affordable for everyone! My lip glosses are 1 for $5 or 2 for $8! The lipsticks will be $10! My goal is to sell my products for $10 or less! Lip gloss and our Saforia sun shades are a must-have for the summer! That’s when the fun begins so 2020 summer will be full of fun and Kaya kosmetics! Geornee': 7. How does it feel to be in the position you are in? How can we purchase your product? Kaya: It feels amazing! It’s truly a blessing! I am so thankful that God saw me fit for this moment and opportunity! It’s also a surreal moment because I never thought my dream would come true and do this in less than 30 days!