Affirmation for today: Value Self Worth

peace, love, and light,

Goddess Geornee’ has returned with a new powerful affirmation to start your week of February. Today’s about putting yourself first. Eliminate the blockages, the interference to your mental and realign your spirit. Life is to short to focus on the wrong things, stop giving all of your time to the people who energy doesn’t match the same enlightenment you offered. I want you to stop living a lie, I want you to speak your truth and see your truth.

Starting this very moment I want you to remove the fear, and anxiety of being alone. You need this time to heal your heart. Open and release what no longer serve you. I would rather you go on this journey alone then to continue being suffering with the burden of emotional pain. Follow the steps below to start making the changes for you.

love and light,

Goddess Geornee’

Steps for a better life

  1. Realign your mental- focus on yourself and stop being consume in other people life.

  2. are,one yourself from the burden- you can’t grow from a place that’s toxic and draining your energy. Remove yourself and walk away.

  3. Live your truth and speak your truth- Have the strength and will power to open doors that will cause you to think about yourself from a different light. Be honest with the self reflection you see in the mirror.

4. Set boundaries- Create new goals and boundaries that will help you get through this spiritual healing. Be firm and follow what you preach.

5. Find your peace- Focus on what will bring you true happiness not that lustful fake love. You can’t keep being someone else healer if you are not yourself first.