Forgiveness is key to moving on

Peace, love, and light,

Today spirit had guided me to write this blog today. Forgiveness takes a lot of power strength to do. No matter how much someone hurt you in the last or betrayed your trust. You must forgive and let go. I have been hurt so many times in my past. I had to learn to let that obstacles of pain go. You deserve better, you must make peace from within before having the strength to heal others. Understand your power, raise your standards. Be accountable for your actions. Focus on your spiritual journey and be in tune with higher self. Better yourself by raising your standards by attracting better from within.

You will be your own obstacle in life by not forgiving the people that hurt you. Forgive yourself for not setting boundaries. Be in a better place with self before moving onto a new chapter in life. Attract good vibrations, be whole with self. Abundance is on your side. You are your own wish fulfillment. Wear your crown charka and listen to your intuition.

please take this time to heal made your true happiness come within.

Love and light, Goddess Geornee’