Goddess Geornee: Take back your power

Peace, love, and light,

Happy Monday Queens and kings. I hope everyone is taking the time to be great and focus on self worth. February is about attracting better energy and relaxing old obstacles. This is your time to walk away from stress, and blockages from your journey. The biggest lessons is to learn from the people who recently cut ties with and to boss up your life. My biggest gain is to not let my anxiety or stress stop be from greatness, we are all powerful in different ways we all walk different paths. You owe it to your higher self to not let the past be your future. Release the hurt and forgive. You have so much blessings on the way, release with love and light. Be abundant in love, spirit, and self peace.

Big things are on the way for www.Geornee.com. I am excited to see what 2021 will bring for my journey.

love and light,

Goddess Geornee’