Heal, Rest, and Love

Blessed rising,

Goddess Geornee is back with your morning affirmation. Today’s about healing your energy. Be careful who you give your time to. Walking away from issues and troubles times behind is better for your spirit. Stress only exists because you feed into the negative. Don't let your emotions be the negative emotions on how you react. Focus on the solution to the problem. Be the solution not the problem. Angel number 5 is about transformation, transition, and realignment. Realign your energy and shift your focus. Stop invest your energy into things that has no light to grow or add into your balance. As we going into the Aquarius new moon this week I want you to write down the things you want to release and let go. I want you to be very detailed and honest with self. This is your time to heal and moved on from your past. Dive deep with your heart and let your throat charka speak its truth.

Love and light,

Goddess Geornee