New moon: Powerful changes are on the way

Peace, love, and light,

I hope everyone is healing right now. Right now it’s important time to listen to your intuition. Be guided with your intuitive gift for higher self. New moon starts tonight at midnight new beginnings are in the works for a better lifestyle. Take this time to not be distracted from the outside. Take this time to walk away from situations that are obstacles to your growth. This is about finding balance with self, balance actions, balance spiritual healing and having patience. Be open for changes, be open for a new foundation.

Have the spiritual strength to walk away from stress, let go what no longer served you. Have a peace of mind who you are. Stop getting advices from the outside and learn to let your intuition be your guide. Stop letting your pride stop you from healing from the situation. Follow your intuition and trust you will make the best decisions. Spirit is guiding you for better, trust in the universe and trust in thy self that you have the power to heal yourself. Goes towards your true happiness.

love and light,

Goddess Geornee’