Self Care Sunday: Angel number 15

Blessed rising,

Goddess Geornee is back with a new blog on this beautiful Valentine’s Day morning. Today’s about your self peace. Take this time to yourself to be focus on self. Angel number 15 mean in love new beginnings, new choices, and new creative endeavors. If you are currently single trust me love Is on the way. You are single right now because you need to take this time to heal your heart charka and re gain your spiritual strength. Your past relationship is not your future. Do your heart a favorite by making time for inner shadow work. Right now is the time to be focus on self, take this time to rest, mediate, and recharge your energy. You have so much ahead for you on your spiritual journey your biggest priority is self purpose. Focus on living your life path number. Walk into your purpose. Claim your power by knowing your worth. You are worthy of greatness. Continue to manifest for abundance in spiritual growth, protection, and love with self. The more love you pour into your cup the more you will stronger to rise from obstacles.

Enjoy your self care Sunday,

love and light Goddess Geornee’